We provide you with the tools to make your compositions stand out, shine, and resonate with audiences.

Our Story

Born out of passion and a keen ear for cinematic excellence, All About Trailer Music is the brainchild of Heiko Sengbusch.

Having earned prestigious placements for blockbuster movies such as "The Black Phone", "Ambulance", and the iconic "Resident Evil" series, Heiko realized the significance of having the right tools at one's fingertips. It was this realization that fueled the inception of All About Trailer Music.

Our Mission

We believe that every composer, regardless of their level or background, deserves access to world-class sounds. Our products aren't just random assortments of noises; they're the result of years of experience, deep understanding of cinematic trends, and a relentless drive for musical perfection.

Whether you're a seasoned composer or just starting out, our tools are designed to elevate your music, giving it the signature touch that modern trailers demand.

Join Our Journey

All About Trailer Music is more than just a store. It's a community, a hub of creativity, and a testament to the power of cinematic music. We invite you to explore, discover, and be part of our story as we push the boundaries of what trailer music can be.