Categories: Sound Effects
  • 800+ Cutting-edge trailer sound effects at your fingertips
  • 7 Categories - Booms, Downers, Drones, Hits, Risers, Whoosh Hits, Whooshes
  • 3 Alternative mixes - Dark, Distant, Crunch
  • High-quality wav files: 48kHz - 24bit
  • 3 GB total size
  • Royalty-free

Larger than life sounds

because what's worse are trailer sounds that don't sound big enough

Boom - All Time Favorite
Boom - Titan
Riser - Climax Teaser
Downer - Classic II
Downer - Downhill
Riser - High Ground
Punch Hit - Punchline
Hit - Zeitgeist
Drone - Dangerous (C)
Whoosh Hit - Dragon Slayer
Whoosh Hit - Powerful Damage
Drone - Heaven (C)
Whoosh Hit - Wham
Whoosh - Afterburner
Whoosh - Dry Ice

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Get access to sounds that are actually used in Hollywood

We are a team of working trailer composers and sound designers and know the high standards set in Hollywood. Aftermath is no exception to meet creators, editors, composers, and sound designers' expectations.

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Create immersive trailers in minutes

We are always in a rush so there is no time for mediocrity. We deleted many sounds and only included the best ones. And with our intuitive file naming system, you will find the right sound with ease.


Included Content

Aftermath contains 204 designed samples with three alternative mixes for each sound. The mixes bring variations to the sonic environment and add a little extra sparkle to your production. In total, you get 816 sounds!

204 Desigend Sounds

Original mix. This is how we intended Aftermath to sound like.

Booms - 19
Downers - 2
Drones - 56
Hits - 20
Risers - 35
Whooshes - 24
Whoosh Hits - 25

Alt Mix - Dark

DARK boosts low frequencies and carefully reduces high frequencies to create a warmer tone. Great if you want to add more weight to your production.

Alt Mix - Distant

DISTANT pushes the sounds to the background. The effects chain includes high-quality reverbs, stereo widening, and EQ. Try them on slow-cut intros or establishing shots.

Alt Mix - Crunch

CRUNCH is dedicated to fast-paced actions scenes conveying aggression and urgency by a mix of saturation, multiband compression, EQ, and transient design.

Tech Specs & Requirements

Product type Sound Effects
Format WAV - 48kHz/24bit
Number of sounds 816
Download size 3 GB
License Royalty-free (View License Agreement)
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