Categories: Sound Effects
  • Create earth-shattering impacts from metals, woods, drums, percussion, and synthetic hits
  • Powerful license agreement: sell and license your created sound effects
  • Designed elements & raw source sounds
  • Up to 4 mic options available for recorded drums
  • 2,400+ Sound Effects, 850 Files
  • Delivered in 96kHz/24 bit - WAV
  • 4.1 GB total size

Create unique impacts with ease

Trailer Hits Toolbox is a collection of powerful impact source sounds and desigend elements that let your create earth-shattering trailer hits with ease. Simply combine the sounds to your liking, add additional post-processing effects and done.

We created these 14 trailer hits in less than 90 minutes. What will you create?

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Maximum flexibility with raw source sounds

We recorded a wide range of materials in high quality 96kHz/24bit. From various small and big metal impacts to all sorts of doors movement and metal friction. And with the multi-mic recorded drums and percussion, unlimited sound design possibilites open up to you.

What we recorded

Metal Doors - Doors Creak - Doors Hardware - Metal Impacts – Metal Movement - Paper Movement - Plastic Movement - Metal Friction - Chains - Glass/Metal Debris - Drumkit – Cymbals – Low Tom Ensemble – Surdo – Djembe – Gran Casa - Digital Kicks - Whooshes

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Save time and get inspired by designed elements

A great trailer hit consits of different elements such as sub, punch, whoosh, and tail. We pre-designed a handful of these elements to save you valuable time and speed up the sound design process. Also have a look at them when you need inspiration.

What we designed

Booms - Punch Hits - Suckbacks - Synthetic Hits - Tails - Processed Drums


License agreements you won't find somewhere else

Usually license agreements for sound effects only allow synchronization to audiovisual productions. The created sounds never can be the product themselves. Not with us! We created 2 powerful license agreements for different needs.

Sync License

  • Granted rights are worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free
  • Single-user license (contact us for a multi-user license)
  • Use for unlimited personal and commercial projects
  • Re-arrange & manipulate the sounds
  • Synchronize to audio and video productions
  • Isolated heavily modified sound effects as part of a musical stem may be licensed to third parties

Use cases:

  • Licensing an isolated sound effect from a music stem to a third party
  • Trailers, films, television, radio, and documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Video games
  • Podcasts and audio dramas
  • Applications including software
  • YouTube productions
  • Spotify
  • Blogs and websites
  • School, university projects especially for audio students
  • Prisons
  • Concerts, theater or even live events (Djs)
  • Prototype projects

Sound Designer License

  • Granted rights are worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free
  • Single-user license (contact us for a multi-user license)
  • Use for one single commercial end product
  • Re-arrange & manipulate the sounds
  • Sell and license heavily modified sounds as part of one single product. Naked, unmodified sounds may only be sold with a seperate written license (contact us).

Use cases:

  • Creating and licensing a custom created sound effect to a third party
  • Sound effect albums (production music)
  • Sound logos
  • Kontakt Sound Libraries
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Sound Effect Libraries (WAV-Files)

Restrictions (all licenses)

  • All sounds in this product are licensed and not sold to you.
  • You can’t upload any of the licensed sound effects in its original form to YouTube, Spotify or any other media platform, claim ownership or for commercial gain.
  • You can’t sell any of the licensed sound effects in its original form for commercial gain and claim ownership. In order to sell and license sounds created with TRAILER HITS TOOLBOX, they must be heavily modified.
  • Creating similiar and competitve products with TRAILER HITS TOOLBOX are prohibited
  • You can't grant third parties the right to sell and license your created sound effects. You may grant third parties the right to synchronize to audio and video productions.
  • You can't redistribute TRAILER HITS TOOLBOX as a whole or in parts to third parties.

Included Content

Designed Trailer Hits - 15

Designed Elements

  • Booms - 53
  • Processed Drums - 23
  • Punch Hits - 92
  • Suckbacks - 48
  • Synthetic Hits - 30
  • Tails - 51

Field recordings

  • Debris - 77
  • Friction - 96
  • Impacts - 349
  • Mechanics - 46
  • Movement - 178

Multi-mic options available.

  • Digital Kicks
  • Bass Drum
  • Cymbal Swell 16", 18", O-Zone, Ride
  • Cymbal Hit 16", 18", O-Zone, Ride
  • Hit-Hat Open/Closed
  • Snare Hit
  • Snare Rimshot
  • Snare Flam
  • High Tom Hit
  • High Tom Flam
  • Mid Tom Hit
  • Mid Tom Flam
  • Low Tom Hit
  • Low Tom Flam
  • Low Tom Crescendo

Multi-mic options available.

  • Djembe Bass Tone
  • Djembe Slap

Surdo Small Ensemble
Multi-mic options available.

  • Surdo Small Ens Hit Hard
  • Surdo Small Ens Hit Soft
  • Surdo Small Ens Flam Hard
  • Surdo Small Ens Flam Soft

Low Tom Ensemble
Each Ensemble consits of 2 Toms. All 4 toms are also recorded separately. Multi-mic options available.

  • Low Tom Ens
  • Low Tom Ens 1 Muted
  • Low Tom Ens 2
  • Low Tom Ens 2 Muted
  • Low Tom Hit Hard
  • Low Tom Hit Soft
  • Low Tom Flam
  • Low Tom Ruff

Gran Casa
Each hit has a hard and soft version. Multi-mic options available.

  • Gran Casa Leady Hit
  • Gran Casa Leady Hit Muted
  • Gran Casa Ludwig Hit
  • Gran Casa Ludwig Hit Muted
  • Gran Casa Mahagoni Hit
  • Gran Casa Mahagoni Hit Muted

Tech Specs & Requirements

Product type Sound Effects
Format WAV - 96kHz/24bit
Number of sounds 2,442 Samples (2,130 raw source sounds, 312 designed elements)
850 Files
Download size 2.36 GB (4.1 GB uncompressed)
License Royalty-free (Sync License, Sound Designer License)

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to create multiple sound effect albums for production music labels. Do I need to purchase the Sound Designer License for each album?
Yes, you need to acquire the Sound Designer License for each product you create.
We are two sound designers who want to publish a sound effects album with a production music company. Which license do we need?
Please contact us to get a multi-user license of the Sound Desinger License.
I'm developing a virtual instrument and want to hire 3 sound designers to help me create sound effects. Which license do I need?
All our licenses are single-user licenses. In order to publish a product with TRAILER HITS TOOLBOX you need the Sound Designer License. Please contact us to get a mulit-user license for the additional 3 sound designers working on the product.
Do I need to get the Sound Designer License even when the end product is free?
Yes, you need to get the Developer License for each product you publish whether it is free or chargeable.

Got more questions? Don't hestitate to contact us.

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